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Monday, September 5th 2011

12:52 AM

HOLIDAY - Happy Labor Day



Labor Day



You work all day; you work all night.
To pay those bills, that are out of sight.


Lifting, rubbing & cleaning all day!
Doing what the boss has to say!


No time for yourself, is sad to see…
but today is the day, I hope you have free.


At least this day should be without work…
to just sit down, & have a drink to give you a perk.


Bring your family and friends together…
for they are what matter: whatever is the weather.


For they are the ones you do all the working for.
It is your family; that matters more!


Today is Labor Day!
Show them the way!


“To a Wonderful and Very Happy Labor Day!”
Your family… Your Friends… The ones you love & pray.


Your Family… Who means the most to you.
If needed: I bet you would work as many jobs needed for them too.


Your friends… to take them out once in a while.
Buy them & gift… Or just go out to make them smile.


So this Labor Day,
I hope and pray…

That you and your friends & family: “Have a Great Labor Day!”




© Sept. 6 2008: Poem and Art by Bryan R. Jenks of JENKS INDUSTRIES: www.WISHLAMP.com .

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Saturday, August 27th 2011

4:04 PM

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Sorry about the above tabs not working right now... I'm changing servers right now. and working on getting it resovled right now. so right now all the codes are forwording to the wrong code.
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Monday, August 22nd 2011

8:12 AM

POEM: Remember What you Wrote!


Remember what You Wrote?

Children, Children, Children...
If You Cry…
Please Write It Down…
And Remember Why!


Kids, Kids, Kids!
On The Streets!
Please Write Down…
Your Worsted Defeats!


Teens, Teens, Teens!
Why Do You Rebel So?
Write It Down So…
Let The World Know!


Young Adult, Adult, Adult!
Read, Read, Read!
Read What You Wrote!
I Gave This To You So You Wont!

Parents, Parents, Parents!
Don’t Repeat!
Drinking, Doing Drugs, Abuse, Or Doing Nasty Things…
emember What You Wrote When You Were…
And Teens
© 9 Aug 2010: Art & Poem By Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com / JENKS  INDUSTRIES . (Can't be copied without permission and without this printed.)

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Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

1:58 AM

POEM: Summer lov'n


At The Beach - Colored April 4 2010 - Real 80's

Summer lov’n fun!


Beach house on the sand
makes the summer grand!

Sun rays shinning on your back
and all you have is your back sack.

Came to the beach on your bike...
Chain it up so you can take a hike.

This is what makes summer fun...
just being out there in the sun.

Doing nothing,

Nothing at all.

And drinking drinks

That are really tall.

Till with the one you love on the sand you fall…
Hugging and kissing, and making talk, real small,

Till the morning sun light and you once again hearing the birds call.


© Aug. 18, 2010: Art & poem by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com / JENKS INDUSTRIES (Poem can’t be copied without permission & without this line included.)

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Tuesday, July 26th 2011

5:31 PM

POEM: In Memory of Amy Winehouse


In Memory of Amy Winehouse

If only to rehab; you did…
Go, go, go
And to rehab; You didn’t say…
“No, no, no!”

That needle wouldn’t of been pushed…
More, more, more.
To the blood-scream…
Hard core, core, core.

If only you said…
“Yes, yes, yes”
You would still have;
breath between your chest…

And you would still be singing…
More, more, more.

But now we…
All see…
The sad O.D.

That was so hard for you to say,
“No, no, no”
But finally took your
Toll, toll, Toll.

Amy Winehouse…From all of us & me…
We miss & pray for thee.

© 26 July 2011: Poem By Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com / JENKS INDUSTRIES.

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Sunday, July 24th 2011

4:50 PM



Wishlamp ARTS

If you do FACEBOOK! Than you will like our WISHLAMP Art Page... it is the page for all talents & arts to go.

Link = http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wishlamp-ARTS/235437116488591

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Monday, July 4th 2011

12:00 AM

Happy 4th of July

 Happy 4th of July - U.S.A. Flag - WISHLAMP

Happy 4th of July
Shoot those fire works!


Fireworks of different colors up in the sky,
celebrating the constitutional freedom of the 4th of July!

Boom, boom… bang…
while the National Anthem is sang.

“We The People” come together strong,
while we sing our nation’s song.

Independence and freedom we want to be…
a nation for the people; and free.

So shoot those fireworks in the sky;
and I wish you a Happy 4th of July!

© June 15, 2010: Art & Poem written by Bryan R. Jenks of

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Friday, July 1st 2011

1:51 PM

Help others help others!


WISHLAMP - SMoke - Avitar


WISHLAMP is a place for everyone.
From winter, fall, spring, or summer sun.

It is a place to help others, help others.
To treat all people, like our own sisters, and brothers.

Whenever one can help, another in need:
then… in deed!

Do the right things!
Be someone’s angel’s wings.

Go on… help someone!
You might find it even fun!

And that tear in one’s eye;
that you may see… from love, that makes us cry.

Might just be the one, you see here!
For it might be you; just looking in the mirror.


© 13 June 2011: Poem by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com / JENKS INDUSTRIES.

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Thursday, June 30th 2011

8:42 AM

Soon to be the 4th




“BOOM, BOOM, BANG – It’s 4th of JULY”


Way up in the sky.


Are the fireworks, of 4th of July!

Like years before, with parades, and people sang,

In honor of independence, and freedom; is the reason why.


© 20 June 2011: Poem by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com / JENKS INDUSTRIES.

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Wednesday, June 29th 2011

11:18 AM

4th of July is almost here....


3 Fireworks

Fourth of July Cheer and Beer

Wave the flag and cheer!
Light a wick & drink a beer!
Boom, Boom, Bang!

Fourth of July is here!

Drink more Beer!
And Cheer, cheer, cheer!


© 29 June 2011: Poem by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com / JENKS INDUSTRIES.

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Sunday, June 26th 2011

5:43 AM

POEM: "Music Around Me" - By Bryan R. Jenks


“Music Around Me”

Music around me: all the time.
Music in-circling: with in my mind.

Singing, drumming, a new song found.
Music is what makes me, dance around.

O’ how I love to hear, the music play…
I can listen to it, all day… every day!

Music around me; is happiness, at any age.
The joy it brings; can’t be sold, at any wage.

It doesn’t matter if one; is young or old:
Music is the key, to the soul… so I’m told.

Up in the Heaven; way up high…
angels playing music, in the sky.

Music around me… in the town.
Everyone dressed up; tux and gown.

The music is a delight, for all our ears…
it is what brings joy, and many cheers!

Music around me… on this green earth…
One of Gods greatest gifts; given with all its worth.

Through the wind; blowing through a tree…
Music is found in everything…

Music all around me… O’ what a harmony.

© 26 June 2011: Poem by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com / JENKS INDUSTRIES.

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Monday, June 20th 2011

4:07 AM

First Day of Summer


“Summer Thing”

The season has changed, and is no longer spring.
Up in the sky you hear the birds sing...
As the sun beats hot - O' what a dream!

The kids outside playing... eating ice-cream
Please, please... Extra whip cream!
“Everyone happy” is the summer theme!

At the park, they're setting up the new baseball team.
At the beach... It's another scene...
Everyone splashing, diving in - hear the kids "Scream!"

Take that special someone dancing, give her a swing.
Till night comes, under the moon light, no car beam.
On one knee... give her that special ring.

Love, hug and kisses; is what lovers bring.
Bringing Love and Happiness to everything.
Summer is like the same thing.

In the summer... it is happening!
                   It’s “The Summer Thing”


© 20 June 2011: Poem by Bryan R. Jenks of WISHLAMP.com / JENKS INDUSTRIES.

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Sunday, June 19th 2011

4:11 AM



A  FatherCan Play
( A Father’s Day Poem )

Have you ever fell from a tree?
Or cut your leg, hand or even your knee?

So many bad things can happen…

Just like getting stung by a bee.

As a child; you cry out, “Daddy!”

And there he would be…
Right there for you, to see.

Have you ever had a fort in the tree?
Or a place you called base, with a lock and key?

Who was it that made it for you?

Who was it that you had to plea?

By any chance was it your, “Daddy?”

Fathers are so cool!
They show you how to use each and every tool.

Mom is all work and no play…
For Dad… it’s just the other way…

When it comes to play,
Dads seem to be able to do it all day.

From the sports outside,
To the video games, to play “Go Hide”

Doesn’t matter even if Dad is fat…
“Play Time with their kids” – they have it down pat.

But a true father knows, there is more then play,
A true father, must be a good example, and teach the right way.

And showing their kids, their love every day;
In their actions, their life style choices, And keep their vices away.

And by doing this they are proving what they say…
And in return are blessed with a wonderful Father’s Day.


© 18 June 2011: Poem By Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com / JENKS INDUSTRIES.

GIFT IDEA! - Give your Dad a tie! A cake shaped like a tie - link = http://www.tiepedia.com/tie-blog/49-crafts/155-tie-cake

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Saturday, June 18th 2011

9:26 AM

"class of 2011"

“For the Graduates of Class of 2011”

Life is Full of Going Through that Certain Test…
The One that Will Lead You to the Path that is Best.

O’ Matter How Hard You Try…
Or Wonder Why…

It Doesn’t Matter What is the Weather…
It Seems as if They go on Forever.


But for this Congratulation; it Goes Out to You…
For You Never Gave Up! You Stuck in Till it Was Through.

 O’ Matter How Much You Wanted to Leave.
You Never Left… Until You Did Achieve!

So This Graduation Time is in Honor of You!
May You Lead A Great Life that is True.

© 17 June 2011: Poem By Bryan R. Jenks with WISHLAMP.com / JENKS INDUSTRIES.

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Monday, May 30th 2011

3:54 PM

MEMORIAL DAY - In honor of all U.S. soldier... Past, Present & Future!



Salute Our Soldiers”
(  M e m o r I a l     D a y     P o e m  )

So Many men and women salute and stand tall…
These are our soldiers that are willing to fight a die, for us all.

There is no longer a forced draft to make them go.
For the love of God and country… the risks: they know.

To fight to keep our country free;
for you and me…
That is worth everything.

So for that… A soldier in the uniform they will be to show.

_      _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _

Battles in the past…
freedom was won at last!

But! Many of these great soldiers never came back.
Others were just pieces in a sack.

Their name only known from their dog tag…
Saying they are from Fort Luis, or Fort Brag.

To some they are forgotten, & thrown off to the side,
But not to me! To me… They are heroes! That we should never hide!

_     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _

So I stand up, and salute them all
Flying above Them, is our eagle.

They make me proud,
Safe and sound.

To all our soldiers from the beginning, in the past,
Present, and the future – seems like it’s  coming so fast.

May God always bless and be with you,
May He guide you to the path that is true.

And may we always remember your name is honor for the great deeds you have done or do.

© 18 June 2010: Poem by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com /
J E N K S    I N D U S T R I E S.

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Sunday, May 8th 2011

12:56 AM

Happy Mother's Day


Who was it?
Mother’s Day Poem

Who was it that showed you the way?
Who was it that made you who you are today?

Was it a friend, Aunt, Uncle, Sister or Brother?
Was it your father, or most likely your Mother?

Who was it that would come see...
If you cried out, or hurt or knee?

Who was always there to give you a hug?
And told you, “You are their little love bug?”

Who made you meals every day?
Kept you healthy so you wouldn’t wither away?

I’m going to guess you said your mother a lot
Is she someone in your heart that you bring to the top?

If she is that person you hold above,
            If she is the one you truly love,
                        Raise her up high like a dove,
                                    Take care of her as if she is a white glove.

Take your Mother out
            This Mother’s Day!

Show her all about
            Tell her what you want to say…

Mother; I love you,
            Mother; this is true,
                        Mother; I need you,
                                    Mother; you make me so happy too!

Happy Mother’s Day
            In my heart it’s not just in May
                        This is what I have to say…
                                    Mother: To me Mother’s Day
It’s Everyday!

Happy Mother Day Mom!

© Art & Poem written by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com of JENKS INDUSTRIES

Be sure to Post something special about your Mother Here.

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Sunday, April 24th 2011

4:29 AM

Happy Easter!


Roll Of The Stone.


Roll the Stone… of my Lord!
          That his disciples… have adored.
                    The blood of Jesus… has been pored

Bright Light: coming from Christ’s tomb… in the dead of night.
          Like it was… broad daylight!
                    The Body of Christ; came out… all in white

Guards: the Romans sent 3.
          It was against the rules… for them to sleep.
                    But they didn’t see
                             Sleep: they would be in trouble… deep!
                                       But they didn’t see… anything, so they plea

Woman; why do you look… for the dead?
          There is no one laying… on that bed
                    He was raised up… like he said
                             When he broke; and ate… of the bread

Peace be with you all
          I am the risen Lord: … Hear my call
                    The New Testament: Mathew, Mark, Luke…Peter & Paul
                             I come for sinners… Even those who sometimes fall

Body: this is my body,
          this is my blood
                    Eat & drink of me
                             Do as I taught thee.
                                       And live life like you should

Forgive those sins you forgive.
          They are forgiven.
                    Those sins you hold bound
                             they are held bound.
                                       So this Easter… Make forgiveness found

Sure, God loves us all… & gave his only son; Jesus!
          Gold, frankincense & myrrh

                    There were great miracles that did occur
                             He died on a cross for our sins in torture

                                       On the 3rd day, he was raised up… we call that day: Easter

I want to wish you all a Happy Easter!

© Art & Poem written by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com of JENKS INDUSTRIES and can’t be copied without permission and without this line included with poem.

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Friday, April 22nd 2011

2:14 PM

Good Friday




The King of the Jews!
          That's old news!
                    We want Jesus Dead..... That's Who!
                              The People Yelled and "boo-d"

“Crucify him!”
            “He didn’t come to save my sin!”
                        “Make sure he’s beat & kick in the shin!”
                                    The whips inside have metal & tin

So Christ is whipped
            Till his blood is dripped
                        He screams in pain as his face gets clipped
                                    At the same time; he is hit & kicked

The guards laugh and sing
            “So: you are a king?”
                        As they take long rose thorns that sting
                                    And make a crown on his head as a bling

“Who do you want to let go?”
            Barabbas: Yes!”… “Jesus: No!”
                        “Crucify Him!”, Is what the people yelled as the trumpets blow
                                    “May the blood of Jesus rest of our children’s children – Let it be so!”

The sentence to the Cross: was sent
            To the cross: Jesus went
                        For our sins: Jesus did carry as a pennant
                                    Holding the cross in pain with his body all bent

All dizzy and in multi pains
            Christ Jesus did carry the cross with his blood dripping from his veins

                        Whipped & beaten: With out any canes
                                    With thorns in his head: poking in his brains

Jesus Christ:     You fall
            On the ground you go:     your blood splats on the wall
                        In the body of a man:       Tears of pain you ball
                                    You get up:         for you hear God: your father’s call

Two more times Jesus falls down
            The Son of God is treated like a clown
                        To the top of the hill he is taken on the mound
                                    Then they take off his gown

Left naked all the way to his seat
            He then was nailed to a cross from his wrists & his feet
                        And put on a cross to die in the heat
                                    The sorrowful death:     wasn’t God’s defeat

My Christ
            My lord
                        Your blood
                                    Over Pored

My heart is blue
            When I think of what happened to you
                        Please be with me
                                    And give me life: Ever new

But I know you died for my sin
            And knowing in three days that you risen
                        It makes my heart grin
                                    For I know Eternal life will always win

© Art & Poem written by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com of JENKS INDUSTRIES and can’t be copied without permission and without this line included with poem.

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Sunday, April 17th 2011

12:08 AM

Happy Palm Sunday (Christian Holiday)


Palm Sunday – King Of Kings

Everyone comes with a palm in their hand
To see the king: The Shepard of the lamb

No horse for this king…
He comes upon a don'key

They worship him for in their heart
They know God’s hands has a great part

They come from all over
          From different lands
                    Just to beholder
                             And to touch his Hands

They want to know what he has to say.
They want to follow him: in every way.

Pilgrims as in his time; till now as it may…
We honor Christ: this Palm Sunday.

King of Kings
          My love is true
                    We do sing
                             Praise to you:
                                     To everything
                                                That you do.

King of Kings
          I Love You.

© Poem written by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com of JENKS INDUSTRIES and can’t be copied without permission and without this line included with poem.

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Monday, April 11th 2011

4:12 PM



Ann Frank

When I was a child: I read the diary of Anne Frank
Due to race or religion: soldiers killed off people with their tank

This story was very sad to me.
For I believe all people should be free

And this story wasn’t about a fiction girl who wasn’t who
It was about a real girl name Anne Frank that was true.

Her heart: Her feelings, her pain: was real
Not fiction: So when you read it: You can feel.

Her love for her family & her friends & for all
Her story is a blessing & a wake up call

Remember history can repeat it’s self if we let it!
So we must stand strong as gate keepers and not let it.

The only rights you have are the ones you fight for
Once they are gone, you will not get more.

The weapons you have now; are the only one you have to fight
Once they are gone. You’ll loss your right.

The great survivors of the Holocaust request the phrase be set…

© Art & Poem written by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com of JENKS INDUSTRIES (Poem can’t be copied without this line included.)

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Friday, April 1st 2011

4:14 PM



Just My Luck

Today is my special day
To me it’s like every day
Something bad coming my way

I’m ill
A new doctor bill
Something that will kill

It’s just my luck
I’m a lame duck
My life really does suck

Everyday is like this one
That makes me feel like a bum
It’s only fun for some

What is this day?
That is so gray
Well… It’s April Fool’s Day

© Poem written by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com of JENKS INDUSTRIES and can’t be copied without permission and without this line included with poem.

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Thursday, March 17th 2011

4:16 PM

HAPPT St. Patrick's Day!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day Mate!

I give a toast
to those I hold close
to those I love the most

We go out on the scene
We’re all wearing green!
For today: It’s the “In thing”

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day!
Let’s leave our troubles at bay
And let’s all Par’ty!

From morning, noon to night
We’ll party till day-light
Or till the bartender tells us to “Go fly a kite!”

We’ll drink green beer,
And have a cheer
Just as long as the one’s we love are near!

So this Patty’s Day: Let’s all call it a date…
And let’s all celebrate
Happy St. Patrick’s Day Mate!

Green, Green, Green

Green! Green! Green!
What’s up with this theme?

Straight, gay, dike or queen
They’re all wearing green

It’s like it’s the “In Thing”
Pants, Skirt, or that kilt something

Green, green, green
It is the color in the denim jean

O matter where you go. Party, tavern or dance
“Green” Even the color of everyone’s underpants.

Everywhere I look I see
Young, old or teen
They are all wearing green!

Green, green, green
Even the beer & liquor drinks with cream,

Winter comes in white, St. Patrick is an all different scene…
For all day & night, you better be wearing green!

So this St. Patrick’s Day; don’t be in too much of a stooper
Do it the right way; wear green & you will not get pitched on the pooper.

Art & Poem written by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com (This poem can’t be copied without permission - JENKS INDUSTRIES)

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Tuesday, February 22nd 2011

4:19 PM


 Today we celebrate George Washington's Birthday!

Art by Bryan R. Jenks of www.WISHLAMP.com

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Monday, February 21st 2011

11:25 AM

Happy President's Day!


President’s Day

All the people of the land
were ruled by one woman
or one man.
Till that ruler's Life hit the can,
then their Child
took the ring in hand.

Then it would be that offspring's turn,
to have the iron fist, and be just as stern,
while they watch their enemy’s burn.
The people must follow their rulers, like a worm;
those that didn't, were punished till they did learn.
Rulers killed those who wanted… “to overturn.”

All through history the rulers had weapons at their side.
The army, navy; horses, Even elephants to ride.
Fighting the enemy: while dis-arming their own people, nationwide.
The people so weak, they couldn't fight, or hide,
the rulers rule, & say they cared… but really… They lied!
And those promises to see their family again… Denied!

All over the world rulers ruled like this.
Wearing a ring of a king one must kiss!
And if one didn’t, their family they would miss.
In a damp cold dungeon they would go, with maybe one food dish,
or put to death, after being tortured! “whish, whish”
Whatever the king or queen, did wish.

From Mountains, to valleys, sea or sand,
nowhere to hide if one had a brand.
For the rulers ruled all, from the waters to the land.
Those rulers; good, or bad, the people could not ban,
for due to family name in hand,
made them the ruler and grand.

Till a brave new world once was found,
across the ocean people went abound.
A constitutional freedom for all was renowned.
A land of a voted president was soon bound.
No more king or queen to be crowned.
“We the People” govern and town.

The United States of America is this new land!
People come from all over to become American, pen in hand.
Let’s not ever allow any of our constitution to ever be ban.
For each and every right we have; go hand in hand.
They allow “We the People” to be part of the government of this great land.
If one right is lost; all our rights will be lost like grains of sand.

“We the People” are the government at bay.
“We the People” have the right to vote, “Yea or Ney!”
Also, “We the People” vote in who is in office to do the taxes we pay.
I thank God and love the constitutional way
so I as well as the rest of “We the People” still have the right to say…
“Happy President’s Day!”

O.K. … O.K…..

If you want a Poem
That is Short and sweet,
But is still really neat…
Happy President’s Day!
And may our…
“Democracy with in a Republic”
As one
never is giving a defeat.

© Feb 21, 2011: Art & Both Poems Written by Bryan R. Jenks of JENKS INDUSTRIES. www.WISHLAMP.com



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Sunday, February 13th 2011

12:43 AM


All are welcome to join! .. It doesn't matter if you have a FACEBOOK account or not! Please tell all your friends to come as well. If you are in another location other then Everett, WA (Too Far away... Please feel free to Post below a new location that you plan to make your own "IN YOUR FACE, FACE to FACE - FACEBOOK Party to keep the spirit going... & maybe we can get this going nation wide, or even world wide! ... All started by a little idea of getting friend's friends together by www.WISHLAMP.com!)

Our goal is to get people together, and let friends see each other who haven't seen each other in a long time as well as let them introduce their friend's friends to their other friends to create new friends to allow the growth of friendship and to make this world a friendlier, more positive place. & to help others help others. one wish at a time.

May your wish come true at www.WISHLAMP.com

If you have FACEBOOK! And you are going or not going to the party... Please let us know... (link = http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=199813543362242) if you do not have FACEBOOK - please post your comments below... if you are going or not... THANK YOU! ....

Address to Razzals = http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&gl=us&ie=UTF8&view=map&cid=13536144108518434807&q=RazzalS&z=16&iwloc=A

Music by http://www.lutechasp.com/

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